The story tells about a giant snake emerged from the ocean. Leaving the trace off a sacred territory that delimites the earth with the sea.

From the mystery that involves an enigmatic place. It´s cultures and it´s cosmovision. Arises a space for reconnection a sacred place to rediscover new sensations; a new culture of brave nomads.

7 - 11 January 2021

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Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo


Hotel Belo

Belo Isla Mujeres: Newly Opened Luxury Beachfront

Nomads Hotel & Beach Club

New standard in an astonishing resort which features a seaside pool-bar, sun-beds & hammocks at the white sandy beach and a cozy oceanfront.


Tribes on the move

A 5-Day festival where music, art and culture comes to life between the desert and the sea.

Exclusive lifestyle experience that celebrates community and new beginnings. Nomad event that will host 1500 lovers of life, nature and adventure.


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Welcome to KVMANA friends and family edition Isla Mujeres
can’t wait for our souls to gather in 2021 to start a great year with the
best energy, music & friends. To gather more information for your
final confirmation we ask you for these information you will get an
email and a concierge from our tribe will contact you to follow the
next step.

The principle of the tribe is that we all contribute something to the community. Therefore, we want to know how you can collaborate to make the activity program.

Música . Mar . Desierto . Tribus en movimiento >>

@kvmanafestival info@kvamanafestival.com

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